Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Hiatus...

Yep, we're going on hiatus for the summer of 2016. Our every-other-week publishing schedule shall be put on hold. I have recently landed two huge gigs and will be very busy over the next 2-3 months preparing manuscripts and also (hopefully) finishing my second novel. Anyone who has sent in review material, we will still get to it, but not until late September, early October of 2016. Sorry for the delay, but this move is necessary for our own sanity.

ALSO: DO NOT SEND REQUESTS FOR REVIEW. It will be deleted unanswered. I am continually flooded with requests to review books and this small staff just doesn't have the time. While we're flattered so many people want to be reviewed in this eZine, the amount of material demanding our attention has reached absurd levels. This fanzine was started as a labor of love and as a fun project, but it has turned into a major undertaking.

Should I, Christine, Jon, or Sheri review anything on our personal blogs over the next few months, I will link it here and also on our Facebook page.

Thanks for your support, interest, and readership and we'll see you in the fall...



  1. (not to undercut the boss man or anything, but, I'm still always interested in review requests ... slide 'em my way on the sly ;) ... hoping to break 100 this year and will need more books to get there!)

    -- Christine

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